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Monday, November 1, 2010

Thankful For... Project: Day One

Happy November!  I love this time of year and all the holiday excitement.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the preparation for Thanksgiving, the food, the home, the travel, that I don't focus enough on the "Thanks."  So this month I've started a little Thankful project.  Each day in November (or at least until Thanksgiving) I'm going to take a picture and scrap a page of something I'm thankful for... starting today.

We spent the end of October on vacation.  We drove to Arizona to visit with family and welcome my baby brother home from his mission.  He's as adorable as ever, and we loved soaking up every moment we could spend with him.  From Mesa, we drove to our other favorite place, Disneyland!  We spent a week at the Happiest Place on Earth with our fun grandparents, and we loved it so much it was hard to tear ourselves away and come home.  Now that we're home, we're trying to recover and get things put back in order.  I'm slowly finding the living room floor, and the mountain of dirty laundry has been replaced with a mountain of clean laundry waiting for the folding fairy to visit.  (If you see her, send her my way.)  As I stood looking at that giant mountain of dirty laundry this morning, I found myself so extremely grateful for a washer and dryer that wash my clothes while I do other things.  Seven people + 10-ish days = TONS of laundry.  I can't imagine if I had to do it any other way.  Yikes!  So here's my first of many "Today I Am Thankful For" pages.

View it in the gallery here.  The kit is Joyful by Scraps by Mara available for FREE this month for particpating in the Brownie Indulgence challenge at Brownie Scraps.  Come on over and play along!!

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