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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chunky Bling

Welcome to our first Off-Topic Tuesday!  We all have interests other than scrapping, right?  Personally, I like finding great stuff on the internet and wishing it was mine.  So I was avoiding work yesterday and stumbled across this fun site – which is a pretty cool find in and of itself – when lo and behold, I was introduced to the amazing site that is Chunky Bling.  Have you seen these?

I want this band

with this face.

How cute is that?  I just know this would be my new favorite watch if I had one. I am seriously coveting right now.  You should make your way over there right now and find your new favorite watch, too.  There's really cute bracelets, rings, and necklaces, too.  Anyone up for a virtual party?

Oh, and while we’re off-topic, if any one knows where I can find baby-proof sunglasses, you’ll be my new best friend. My little almost 2-year-old monster cutie breaks every pair I ever buy. She actually broke THREE pairs on our vacation to Disneyland last month (only two of them were mine). I’m kinda tired of squinting when I drive.

One more off-topic request before you go.  My cousin is in a contest to win a free newborn photo shoot.  She's due in a few weeks with what is sure to be an ADORABLE baby girl.  So if you have a minute, please hop over here and vote for Kate Cupps.  Thanks so much!!

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